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Tree Services Australia offers friendly expert and professional services from initial contact to job completion. Call Us Today for all your tree removal, stump grinding and lawn care services.

Stump Removal

Our Stump Grinding service is professional and reliable, the pricing is very affordable

No More Stumps

Get rid of those unsightly tree stumps

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Tree Removal

Our Tree Removal service is safe, professional and reliable, the pricing is very affordable

Professionally Removed

Trees removed safely, without the hassle

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Our Aborists service is expert, professional and qualified, the pricing is very affordable

Qualified and Certified

Get advice from the experts

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Our Lawn Care services is reliable, professional and experienced, the pricing is very affordable

Clean & Tidy

Trim and tidy lawns and gardens

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We Strive To Be The Best

At Tree Services Australia – we’re proud of our work. Browse our website and take a look around. … Please view our local tree and lawn care contractors in your local area.

Tree, Stump and Lawn Care News

Get all the latest news and information on tree services, products and industry news right here.


Local Tradesmans

At Tree Services Australia – we want to provide you with the most outstanding services, and for that reason we only use the highest quality, most trusted tree and lawn care experts in the local area.

Save Time and Hassle

Don’t spend hours calling around the best tradesman for your tree or lawn care services. Call Tree Services Australia and we will locate the best local area tradesman to get in touch with you.


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