Remove A Tree Stump Naturally

To remove a tree stump naturally, it will take between 4 to 6 weeks, and you’ll need a one-inch speed bore, some potassium nitrate, a bucket of hot water, a cup and a shovel.

For the full step by step instructions and the complete list of materials you’ll need I’ve provided more details below.

So here is the complete list of tools and materials you’ll need to rot your stump.

  • An electric drill with a one-inch speed bore, preferably the speed bore will be at least 12 inches in length.
  • An extension cord so that the electric drill can reach the stump
  • 500 – 1000 grams of Potassium Nitrate, depending on the size of the stump
  • Cup with some hot water

Here’s how to remove your stump naturally, step by step.

  • Firstly, you’ll need to drill several 1-inch holes into the top of the stump, minimum 2 but it will work better with more.
  • Then drill holes, you should drill several holes into the side of the stump, approx. 3 to 4 inches from the top on an angle that connects with the bottom of the hole that was drilled from the top.
  • Now you’ll need to pour approx. 4 oz. of the Potassium Nitrate granules into each of the holes. The more holes you have the more Potassium Nitrate you’ll need. The single pack of Spectracide Stump Remover Granules contains 16 oz. of granules.
  • Then you can fill the holes with hot water which will dissolve the potassium nitrate granules. It’s important to note that you’ll need to continue adding the water to the holes for several more days after to ensure the the granules are fully dissolved.
  • Wait time – You should allow at least four to six weeks before attempting to remove the stump.

After four to six weeks you can remove the remaining stump with an axe or you can burn the stump with fire, all done, stump removed…

This all natural method for the removal of tree stumps does take longer, but there’s not cutting or grinding, and you’ll be able to patiently observe the stump rotting whilst you are in the backyard gardening.

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How It Works

The Potassium Nitrate granules help to speed up the decomposition of the stump which then makes it more porous. Once the wood of the tree stump has become porous it is much easier to remove by garden tools of fire.

The time it takes to decompose the stump is totally dependent on the size of the stump, smaller stumps will take approx 4 – 6 weeks whilst larger stumps may take several months.


Question: What is the best season or time of year to apply this?


Generally, the warmer the weather and the wetter the season will all all contribute to a more rapid deterioration of the wood fibre which in turn helps to turn the hard fibre into a spongy type material which is easy to remove.

Question: Does the product Spectracide contain Potassium Nitrate?

It is 100% potassium nitrate according to the MSDS. Label warning says that it is Harmful if swallowed, and to avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing.

Question: Is this a liquid or a powder?

Answer: Powdered granules, similar to the consistency of white sugar.