How To Kill Termites In A Tree Stump

If you have a tree stump that’s infested with termites, you need to act now.

You might think that it’s OK, it’s just a stump so why should we care.

Well, if you’ve got termites anywhere in your yard, you could soon have them in your house.

Avoid any possible chance of the termite invading your property by killing them now. You can do that by having the stump removed professionally, or having the stump and the termites treated. Here’s a couple of options.

Liquid Insecticide:

With this type of treatment, it’s recommended that you pour the insecticidal solution into the stump. The aim is to soak the entire nest, and you should allow approximately 30 – 40 litres of solution that will soak into the porous structure of the wood that will also filter all the way through to the termite colony, killing all the termites.

Apply the liquid into and around the stump, covering the stump and roots will not only add a layer of protection, it will also prevent any diluting of the solution should it happen to rain shortly after treating the stump.

When using products such as Bora Care it’s important that you folllow all directions that are clearly labelled.


This process requires baits to be placed around the tree stump. The baits act as a trap and you’ll need to wait for the termites to discover them. Once discovered, the termites will frequent the baits on a regular basis. With the termites actively visiting the baits, it’s then time to add a termicide that will be consumed by the foraging termites.

The foraging termites return to the colony with the termicide infected cellulose, this is then consumed by more members of the termite community.

It’s a longer process but a far more effective one long term as it works to destroy the entire colony, not just the ones infesting your tree stump.