How To Guide On Burning A Tree Stump With Fire.

Watch the video below and you can read along at the same time.

This is one of the easier ways to remove a stump. In this video you see the stump that is left after a 60 foot plus pine tree was cut down.

The stump now sits about 12 inches above the ground and all attempts to dig down as far as they can to dig under the roots so that the coals can be placed under the stump.

After drilling holes in the top and in the roots to get it ready, there’s three big roots on this stump and it’s now been soaked in kerosine for about 48 hours.

The first stage of the preparation is the fire, the stump has been encircled with charcoal, that’s the preference as it gets very hot when it burns and embers are going to stay longer and the charcoal will end up below the stump as it works its way down beneath the stump.

Next step is the firewood, the firewood is placed over the charcoal and around the stump and now it should be ready to go.

Lighting the wood to start the burn, we wonder just how long it’s going to take.

After 45 minutes the stump is well alight and the coals below the wood are all alight as well so they should be working their way down below the stump.

The fire started at 6:00 pm the previous evening and after adding more firewood up until midnight and then just let it burn, and at 10:00 the following morning the stump is approximately 50% gone.

Next step is to build it up again with more firewood and get it going again. After 24 hours the stump is now about 30% gone and all three main roots have been burnt out.

At Day 3 now, and after 2 night burns – starting at 6:00 pm each night which is the legal time to start a burn, that’s a total of 12 hours burn time and as you can see its disappearing nicely. It’s at about 15% left now and hopefully with the last burn it should be all gone.

Next morning its ready for the incinerator that we can place over the top. After redrilling some more holes and placing the incinerator on top filled with coat it’s ready to go on a slow burn now which should topping up with more charcoal.

Next morning, day 4 the stump is all gone now, just left with a big empty crater